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The 15th August is a day with red-Letter in our calendar as it is very important day of our country’s history. Forty years ago, on this day India became a free nation and independent country. It is very special day, and we have all the rights to celebrate this day in full swing. For some centuries earlier than 1947, our nation was ruled by outsiders and foreigners; first by the Middle East’s Turks, then by Mughals and after that English from Great Britain. Here we are going to provide Independence Day Status in Marathi or Indepedence Day Marathi Whatsapp Facebook Status.


Independence Day 2017 Marathi Status | Independence Day Status in Marathi | Independnece Day FB Whatsapp Marathi Status

Let freedom never perish in your hands
In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed
it must be achieved.
Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better
Liberty is always dangerous
but it is the safest thing we have
Freedom is the oxygen of the soul
Independnece Day Marathi Status

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Independnece Day Marathi Text Messages

Great countries have great history
Graceful histories are written
With great pains & struggles
Great were those who fought to bring this day
In India’s history
Indenpendnece Day Marathi Status

All days are not same
All nights are not dark
Lets remember in silence
The midnight that broke to a new dawn
And turned our India into a free nation
Independnece Day 2017 Marathi Status

As we celebrate all days and festivals
Lets not miss to honour our country
And congratulate everyone for happy and free India
Marathi Status Independence Day


Freedom is precious, dignity is precious
Lets honour our nation by promoting
Precious values of humanity & equality
Independence Day Whatsapp Status Marathi

There were some heroes
Who left everything & died for nation
There are some heroes
Who leave everything and protect our borders
Lpray for them & honour them
Independnece Day 2017 Marathi Status

Blessed is the nation
Which is full of colourful
Cultures, languages & festivals
Feel proud to be Indian
Independnece Day Marathi Status

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