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Sawan 2017: Starts, Puja Timing, Vrat & Shubh Muhurat

In Hindu calendar Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Whole month is considered auspicious to seek blessing of Lord Shiva. Devotees keep various fasts during Shravan month to please Lord Shiva.

Shravan month is also known as Sawan month in North Indian states. All Mondays or Somwar(s) which fall during Shravan month are considered highly auspicious for fasting and known as Shravan Somwar or Sawan Somwar Vrats. Many devotees observe sixteen Mondays or Solah Somwar fasting from first Somwar of Sawan month.


All Tuesdays or Mangalwar in Shravan month are dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. Tuesday’s fasting during Shravan month is known as Mangal Gauri Vrat. Sawan Shivaratri and Hariyali Amavasya are other auspicious days during Shravan month.

There is fifteen days difference in starting time of Shravan month depending on the followed lunar calendar in the region. In Purnimant calendar, usually followed by North Indian states, Shravan month starts fifteen days before Amavasyant calendar.

Savan, also known as Shravana or Sawan, is the fifth month of Hindu calendar. The month of Sawan commences during the month of July and ends in the latter part of the month of August. Sawan is considered to be one of the most pleasant months according to the Hindu calendar, as it gives us divine relief from the scorching summer with pleasant drops of rain. Saavn is also referred to as one of the most festive months in India. Let’s read below to know a bit more about Sawan.

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Updated: July 1, 2017 — 9:34 am

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